VAE - An Online Conscious Media Network, Broadcasting a Higher Vibration

For the Lightworkers and Activists among us who are here to Change the World....     🌎✨


Vibe Artistry Entertainment is a unique Transformational Media Network creating meaningful content that attests to the unfailing power of the human spirit to inspire, endure, and overcome; illuminating truth and empowering positive change in the world by Broadcasting a Higher Vibration of creative artistry to viewers everywhere....

Founded by Energy Intuitive and Filmmaker Lauren Avriel, at VAE we are creating Conscious Media that opens hearts and minds to new doorways of possibility, to help make the dream of a Golden Age New Earth into a fully realized reality...together.

From our Docu-Series, Real Report with Lauren Avriel, featuring sacred activism within communities, festivals and organizations raising consciousness and doing great work in the world... to our Flagship Show, The Ascension Keys, bringing you metaphysical health, healing and wellness keys, tools, and insights to activate your evolutionary potential, VAE is uniting people all over the planet in coming together, sharing wisdom, insights and new empowering solutions to help support and lift us to the next level so we can heal, elevate, uplift and transform ourselves and each other....as we become the change we want to see in the world.

Welcome to the Media For The New Paradigm.✨✨✨

Los Angeles Group Events to Expand Energy and Connect in Person with Others in Sacred Meditative Space

Personal Online Zoom & Facetime Sessions - Receive Remotely From Anywhere via Computer or Phone

“In the end you will realize, your soul took you everywhere you needed to go....to become the person you were always meant to be”   -Lauren Avriel

"Lauren has incredible talent when it comes to sound. Her voice is angelic and her rhythms are grounding and wholesome....."  -Steve (Attended Soul Sounds Event)

 "I've been to many sound baths, guided meditations, and sound events. And this Soul Sounds event was truly healing and amazing. The best sound healing experience I've had thus far. When I experienced the light language and music, my soul lit up with such joy. The event really does help you awaken the Highest You. #legit"
- Jordan Mann, Post Production Professional  (Attended Soul Sounds Event)

"Lauren Avriel is a very powerful crystalline clear channel, and I honor her so deeply. I re-listened to the sacred healing sound light transmission she offered...it was so beautiful, it really opened up my heart and my inner waters to flow. It was just really healing for my heart. I want to save it because it was such medicine, so powerful.

It was just perfect... allowing myself to be held and receive support...

That transmission she shared, it's probably one of the dearest and most powerful I've ever received, I'm going to be honest, and I have received many, many transmissions....it really touched me...I am so thankful and just honoring her and her clear channel and pure heart."  

-Mayumi Minato @ShaktiMayumi
Ancestral Voice Liberation Guide, Dragon Priestess & Ceremony Facilitator

"During the journey I received healing on my brain- which I have been working with practioners for 5 years to heal after a traumatic brain injury. This was my first experience where my guides did the healing on me during ceremony instead of something external from a practitioner. Lauren's ability to hold space is the reason I know I was able to experience that level of healing. Looking forward to doing ceremony with Lauren again soon!"


"I loved Lauren's guided meditation and her angelic singing. She put me in a deep state of peace and relaxation. I was in some sort of lucid state, which felt so calming and nurturing.

Thank you Lauren for sharing your divine feminine gifts with us ❤️🙏✨"

-DaShira, Photographer